All employers in PNG are
requested to register with the
OWC CPPS application as soon
as possible. This will facilitate
faster and safer claim processing.



CPPS - Help Center



If you are any of the members in the following list, then you must login to the CPPS using an Email ID and Password:


  • OWC Staff

    • Deputy Registrar
    • Registrar
    • Claims Processing Officer
    • Claims Manager
    • Commissioner
    • Chief Commissioner
    • Payment Section
    • OWC Admin
  • Employer

  • Insurance Company

If you need to get into the "login only" section of the website where you have access to many features that are specific to your role in the CPPS workflow, click on Login from the top menu to go to the login page (see screenshot below), simply key in your Email ID and Password provided to you by the OWC Administrator and click the submit button to login successfully.



Please note that, if you are :

  • an Employer - you need to register yourself with the CPPS
  • an OWC Staff Member - your account should already have been created by the OWC Administrator
  • an Insurance Company Representative - your account will be created by the OWC Administrator upon request


 If you are any of the above types of users and you are unable to login:

1. Please check your Email ID and Password and try logging in again OR

2. Please contact the OWC Administrator to find out if you have an account (and if yes, then the verify also the Email ID and Password) and it is active