All employers in PNG are
requested to register with the
OWC CPPS application as soon
as possible. This will facilitate
faster and safer claim processing.




Workers Compensation is a statutory function under the Ministry and Strategy 2.2, Outcome 2 of the current Corporate Strategic Plan 2013 - 2015 of the Department which will facilitate the implementation of and compliance with Workers Compensation Legislation, through monitoring, inspections, enforcement, awareness, consultation and advisory services on work related industrial accidents for workers in Papua New Guinea.



Our vision is to ensure our service delivery to our clients who compose of injured and deceased workers are accorded their rights to a fair and just compensation and their claims are assessed and settled in a timely manner. In our awareness we hope to promote safe practices and to minimize work-related injuries.



The core function of the Office of Workers Compensation is to receive assess, examine and settle work related industrial accidental claims from injured workers and dependents of deceased workers and to ensure compliance with both policy and administrative procedural requirements of the Workers Compensation Act through the inspections function

The core activities of the Office include;

  • Executive Management, Legal Services and Tribunal
  • Claims Assessment and Processing
  • Field Operation Services


Supporting activities include;

  • Financial Management Services.
  • Information and Communications Technology.
  • Records Management.
  • Personnel & Administration.
  • Research & Statistics Unit.



The Workers compensation services is a social security service of the Ministry, available to the injured workers and is a sensitive area of service, where personal liability is an issue that employers usually are reluctant to admit and accept. Establishing close working relationship and continual consultation and liaison with relevant stakeholders; insurers; employers; injured workers; other government institutions, Solicitor Generals’ Office; Dept. of Finance, and medical and legal professionals, is paramount in the effective service delivery of this function.



OWC is a Statutory Office established under an Act of Parliament, namely the Workers’ Compensation Act, 1978 (consolidated to No. 11 of 1990) and it’s enabling Regulation 1983 covering its statutory and administrative requirements. The OWC is purposely designed to provide for compensation services to workers and their dependents with respect to injuries suffered by workers arising out of or in the course of their employment, and for related purposes.



The objective of the Office is to:

  • To provide information and assistance to injured workers or the dependents of accidental death workers to receive compensation payments.
  • Expedite settlement of industrial accidents, injury claims.
  • Consult-liaise with insurers on claims.
  • Ensure that all employers take out annual compulsory Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policies for their workers.
  • Provide public awareness to workers and employers and insurer on their rights, responsibilities and obligations under the Workers’ Compensation Act, 1978.
  • Promote work safe practices to minimize work related injuries.
  • Conciliate between the insured and the insurer for the settlement of claims