All employers in PNG are
requested to register with the
OWC CPPS application as soon
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faster and safer claim processing.



Claim Process Flow Chart


The core activities of the Office include:

Executive Management, Legal Services and Tribunal
Claims Assessment and Processing
Field Operation Services

Supporting activities include:

Financial Management Services.
Information and Communications Technology.
Records Management.
Personnel & Administration.
Research & Statistics Unit.

Management Structure


Executive Management Structure

  • Chief Commissioner
  • Commissioner
  • Registrar (Claims)
  • Legal Branch
  • Research Unit
  • Personnel & Administration Branch
  • Finance Branch
  • Information Technology
  • Field Operation Services


Staff Profiles

  • Chief Commissioner
    • Mrs. Evanelia Kini
  • Commissioner
    • Mr. Lohia Bodibo

      Mr. Bodibo has a key role in the organisation and that is to assist in the general Operation and Administration of the day to day running of the office. He is also responsible for the administration of State Claims which includes conducting ad being the Chairman for the State Tribunal. In addition he is also a delegated OWC Inspector and carries out investigation on advice from the Chief Commissioner.

  • Registrar
    •   Registrar
  • Deputy Registrar
    •   Deputy Registrar
  • Legal Officer
    • Mr. Chris Kolias

      Mr. Kolias was recruited in 2012 as Para-Legal Officer and he is now currently overseeing the Legal Branch which take charge of all legal matters concerning claims, tribunal and court matters in which he is the sole staff under this branch. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from UPNG.

  • Senior Research Officer
    • Ms. Kathy John

      Ms Kathy John joined OWC in 2007 as the Research Officer from St John where she was working as the Media & Executive Officer. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from UPNG.

  • Manager – Personnel & Admin
    • Mr. Darius Makapa (Jnr)

      Mr. Makapa joined the OWC in year 2000 and has served under OWC for 15 years now after working with the Private Sector for a period of 5 years. Served in various positions within OWC in the last past years commencing with the Finance branch to Research and then to Information Technology & Records Branch. Appointed as Manager Personnel & Administration in year 2007.

  • Manager – Finance
    • Mr. Misa Lepilepi

      Mr. Lepilepi joined OWC in 2012 after being employed by the Health Department and he has 4 staff under his division. His division manages the OWC Trust Account; compiles Annual Budget and Expenditure and manage claims payment and investment.

  • Manager – I.T
    • Mr. Eruel William

      Mr. William was recruited in 2012 and he has a System Administration Qualification. He is responsible for the computer system including network, servers, database and also responsible for the I.T hardware maintenance of the office. He is currently the OWC Website Administrator and Project Coordinator for the Claims Payment .



  • Claims Manager – NGI
  • Claims Manager – Southern
  • Claims Manager – Momase
  • Claims Manager – Highlands



  • Manager Records
  • Dispatch Clerk
  • Filing Clerk



  • FOS Manager (Southern)
  • FOS Manager (NGI)
  • FOS Manager (Momase)
  • FOS Manger (Highlands)


Branch Profiles


Function: it is the main core function of the Office that administers and facilitate the Claims Assessment Process and investigation.

(From left Back row) Mr. Gaba Alesana (Claims Manager -Southern) , Mr. Bradley Pisai (A/Claims Manager -Momase), Mr. Raymond Laka (Claims Manager -Highlands), Mr. Robin Ila (Counter Office Officer), Mr. Wara Raga (Claims Officer -Southern), Mr. Ben George (Claims Officer -Highlands), Mr. Hone Hone (Claims Officer-Southern),

(Front Row) Mr. Francis Gau (A/ Deputy Registrar), Mrs. Louisa Pambel (A/Registrar), Mrs. Lynne Mutten (Claims Officer- Southern), Ms. Shirely Ivat (Claims Manager –New Guinea Islands)



Function: Maintain a Registry of all Records of all new Claims, Pending Claims and Settlement/ Archiving



Function: deliberate and decide or make determination on issues, dis-agreement, disputes for dismissal or consent.

Mrs. Evanelia Kini Mr. Lohia Bodibo Mrs Mary Kaia
Private Sector Tribunal Chairlady (Chief Commissioner) State Tribunal Chairman (State) (Commissioner) Senior Tribunal Clerk (State)



Function: Under section 90 of the Workers Compensation Act 1978;, they carry out compliance for Insurance Cover Policy, do investigation on related claims issues and un-insured claims.



(From left Back row) Mr. Benny Budum (Admin Driver) Mr. Daniel Tamawetto(A/Admin Officer) Mr. Darius Makapa (Manager- Personnel & Admin) Mr. Mapun Koi (Cleaner/Messenger) Ms. Kathy Makanuey (Admin Assistant) Mr. Luke Andy (Security)



Role: To provide efficient and effective management of the Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund , Public and Private sector Workers’ Compensation Claims Payments. Also responsible for the Annual Budget and Expenditure.

(From left Back row) Mr. Geno Raera, (Senior Examiner) Mr. Misa Lepilepi Kawa (Manager– Finance and Expenditure) Mrs. Maureen La’akila (A/Manager – Trust) Mrs. Jenny Orim (Claims Payment Officer) Mrs. Kila Dodbo (A/ Manager Claims Payment)